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Emma Henry's Yoga Flow Retreats

In 2019 you will find me in Iceland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Mongolia, Lapland and the UK. Please keep scrolling for the details:


11-18th May 2019

Reclaim Your Self Yoga Retreat Japan12

Join me in Japan for a yoga retreat in the forested mountains of north west Nagano prefecture for a powerful spring-time combination of Jivamukti yoga, forest bathing and temples.

We begin our Japan yoga retreat in an old mountain city before heading to the countryside surrounded by lush forests with views of the snow capped Northern Alps. During May this area is covered with chamomile in full bloom and wrapped in a sweet and gentle fragrance. We stay at a local farm with its own chamomile essence factory, where the products are used in the wood-fired thermal baths.

During our time here we practice Jivamukti yoga and experience shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) in a white beech forest. We will also visit a shrine for shinto (nature worship), meditate and practice shakyo calligraphy with the head priest at the local Zen temple and enjoy a cooking class with our head chef.  We travel further north to our second location to a remote and other-worldly place where we stay in forest cabins surrounded by an old beech forest. Here we enjoy a magical night hike, daily yoga and forest bathing with a forest therapy guide and spend our evenings in a charming hot spring village. We end our retreat in Nagano city, sleeping in a traditional Japanese ryokan very close the the famous Zenkoji temple.

Costs from £2495–£2995

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4-9th July, 2019Reclaim Your Self Norway Yoga Retreat21

Join me for a mid-summer yoga retreat in Senja, Norway. Located in the Arctic Circle this remote destination offers a deep experience in wild nature with its dramatic mountains, crystal clear turquoise waters, white beaches and beautiful fjords. With 24 hour daylight there is plenty of time to enjoy the quiet beauty of this secluded paradise and experience the midnight sun, a prolonged sunset and sunrise all at once where everything is bathed in a magical reddish light.

Our yoga retreat destination is the west coast of Senja island, at the foot of Sukkertoppen mountain close to Bergsfjorden where steep, majestic mountains dive straight into the sea and pearly white beaches line the islands.

You stay in luxury apartments set around the harbour of an old fishing village with uninterrupted views out to the surrounding islets and azure sea. Immerse yourself in a powerful Jivamukti yoga practice with twice daily classes and enjoy delicious vegan meals. Between classes relax in the hot tub and sauna, book a massage and explore the wild nature all around. Explore Bergsfjorden by kayak where the clear waters and many small islands make for a beautiful adventure, possibly spotting seals and eagles on the way. Hike to the top of Sukertoppen through lush vegetation, past a mountain lake to the top where you will find beautiful rugged cliffs and an amazing view over the fjord and the surrounding mountains.

Costs from £1495–£1895

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22 – 31st July 2019

Reclaim Your Self Mongolia Khan Kentii Yoga Teacher Emma Henry and Herders

Join me for a completely unique Jivamukti yoga holiday in Mongolia. Largely inaccessible to the Western world until recently, Mongolia offers a rare glimpse into an ancient culture and Mother Nature at her wildest in an environment that has seen little change for centuries.

Our Mongolia yoga retreat takes place in two very different locations.You will be glamping in our luxury yurt camps in the East Gobi and the interior parts of Gorkhi Terelj National Park. We will travel to our first camp on the Trans Mongolian Railway and spend 4 nights there.

With daily yoga, hikes into the desert, camel treks, massages, meditation and an evening kirtan deep in the desert around a campfire, our Gobi location is magical and other worldly. You will spend 3 nights at our second yoga retreat camp in the Khan Kentii. It is a wilderness reaching all the way to the Russian/Siberian border and possibly one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Located on the Upper Tuul River which meanders gently through the vast meadows of wild flowers and surrounded by lush forested hills.

Along with daily yoga you will spend a day hiking or riding in the wilderness with our local herdsmen guides, as well as rafting and kayaking on the river, massages and time in a riverside yurt sauna.

Costs from £1995–£2695

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18-24th August 2019


Join our yoga and wellness retreat in Tuscany, Italy where leading London teachers Emma Henry and Adam Husler will be joining forces to offer you an epic week of flow yoga classes, workshops and relaxation sessions to challenge and inspire you.

Your retreat  takes place on a huge private estate on a terraced hillside with olive groves, woodland with views of the Pizzorne mountains. This is a wonderfully picturesque place for your yoga retreat in the Tuscan hills close to the medieval walled city of Lucca. We have the run of the estate, including four luxury villas, 3 swimming pools, beautiful private gardens and two yoga studios. Emma and Adam will work closely together offering you a combination of flow classes, workshops and relaxation sessions.

Each morning the whole group will be offered a dynamic practice with either Emma or Adam and some mornings will combine both teachers together. In the afternoons you can choose a focused workshop and explore your practice in more depth, work on anatomical alignment or turn up the volume and experience an advanced class. Or if you need to chill, skip the workshop and relax and renew with a yin or restorative class instead. There is time to explore beautiful Tuscany midweek on your day off. Trips to the historical city of Lucca, Florence or Italian riveria are easily arranged from our location.

Costs from £995–£1695

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4-9th October 2019

Reclaimyourself Iceland 2016

Join us for this very unique Jivamukti yoga break, exploring the mountains and geothermal wilderness of north Iceland. Time seems to stand still here and practising yoga and meditation in the Icelandic wilderness can be a liberating and powerful experience.  North Iceland in October is the ideal setting to watch the Northern Lights and our remote location with no light pollution means that if they happen, we’ll have a fantastic show!

Between classes we have options to hike in the mountains, ride Icelandic horses and go whale watching in the fjords. A trip to this part of Iceland would not be complete without a day out at the world famous Lake Mývatn geothermal region, where all that makes Iceland so unique can be experienced within a few hours, from powerful waterfalls, characteristic volcanoes, geothermal activity and a nature spa.

Costs from £1,345–£1,895

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23-28th October 2019

Reclaim Your Self Lapland Yoga Retreat6

Join me in the remote far north of Swedish Lapland at one of our most spectacular yoga retreat locations. You’ll sleep in sophisticated treehouses designed by Scandinavia’s foremost architects, nestled high up in the trees of a beautiful pine forest. Combine dynamic yoga with options to hike, forage and ride in the forests, try the treehouse sauna, a moose safari and visit Sami reindeer herders.

We have teamed up with the exclusive Treehotel to create an breathtaking yoga retreat in the treetops. In this remote place you’ll enjoy silence and serenity with infinite views of wild forest and the Lule river.

Between yoga classes savour the magical views from your stylish accommodation, try the treehouse sauna or soak in the jacuzzi. October is wonderful time to see the Northern Lights and this is pretty much the perfect place to enjoy them. World class chef, Sebastian Gröndal, will create nourishing and warming gourmet vegan meals using seasonal, local produce.

Included in your retreat is a 3 hour forest hike with an experienced guide to explore the magical forests, go foraging and have tea around a campfire. Mid retreat you have free time to try horse riding, a moose safari or visit the Sami reindeer herders.

Costs from £1995–£2695

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22-24th November 2019

Reclaim Your Self Digtal Detox Yoga Weekend12

Join me for our annual yoga and digital detox weekend in November. On this yoga weekend we invite you to switch off your devices and enjoy 3 days of exceptional yoga in an luxury private manor house.

This is our last retreat of the year and we keep it small to create a cosy and intimate vibe. Enjoy challenging Jivamukti yoga classes, deeply nourishing food and relaxing down time in an extraordinary location. This retreat is healing, restorative and powerful – the perfect way to welcome winter.

Costs from £385–£635

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